Birth Story: Greta and Bob, NCB Baby #3!

I tell ya, there is something exciting about having a “repeat customer.” The fact that they invited you into a special event in their lives the first time is honoring.. but to be invited back again, well that is just amazing.

You may remember Greta’s first NCB (with baby #2) but if not you can read my version here. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to attend Greta’s birth for a couple of reasons. The biggest being that I would still be on Isaac sabbatical at the time of her due month. Also, I had to turn away lots of others because of that reason. But down to the last minute..everything opened up that I could do it. (it helped that she delivered on a Saturday and my hubby was home AND Isaac actually took a bottle with the babysitter).
Okay.. yes, you want to hear about the amazing birth.
Mrs. Greta was 1 1/2 weeks past her EDD with her third son. Yes, she was beyond ready to meet him. So on that Saturday morning she had an appt with her doc and asked for him to strip her membranes. He obviously did a great job and she started contracting a few hours after her appointment. It should be noted that she had already lost her mucus plug prior to her appointment.
She called me around one o’clock in the afternoon to tell me her contractions were coming about every 7 minutes but weren’t lasting that long. I suggested she go for a walk around the neighborhood to see if they would become closer or more intense. Which they did. For the next two hours they moved to 3 minutes apart lasting about 45-60 seconds. Great!! After the call that they were so close I thought that I should head over to her house and get a look at her because Greta is a very difficult client to “read” when it comes to “intensity of the contractions.” Let me explain. (she will be nodding her head in disagreement as she reads this). She is a unique woman. The model if you will. I’ve seen laboring women like this, but it always boggles my mind because I am NOTHING like it while in labor.
She is calm. Nay smiling during transition. Well, in between contractions that is. Conversation. Chatting. Able to laugh. That is not typically the emotional signpost of a woman that is in the transition phase of labor. With that in mind.. asking her how intense the contractions are is kinda pointless. She seems to breeze through them whether it’s her first one or the transition one.
With that being said, I knew I would have to see her in person since my normal “reading a mom” over the phone was not going to get me anywhere. So out the door I went. I only live about 5 minutes from her house. But it actually took me about 40 minutes to get there. Not because of traffic. But because I got stuck in the median on I-65. Yes, that means that I attempted, unsuccessfully, to turn around in the median on a major interstate. And got stuck. had two good ole boys pull over, plus the mayor of Alabaster, to offer assistance. The police officer that was called out was nice too. He didn’t give me a ticket for my illegal stunt gone awry. I believe his exact words were, “Nah. I think you learned your lesson.” Yes. Thank you. Natural consequences effect lasting change.
So thankfully, I was pulled out of the mud and headed to Greta’s house. However, my pride was still in the mud. I arrived to her house and upon seeing her I thought it was a good idea to go ahead and make our way to the hospital. She was about 5 min apart on the ctx’s but anything we could do at home, we could do at the hospital (in way of comfort) bc her doc is amazing and will let her do anything her heart desires. And the hospital is about 30 minutes away.
We made a quick drive through Chickfila to get some food for us all and started toward the hospital. When we got to the hospital, at about 6 p.m., and to the room, she wasn’t as interested in talking anymore and got set up on the EFM to get a strip on the baby. She was checked and found to be 5 cm’s dilated. Bo (the baby boy) had a couple of decels so we changed Greta’s position and she labored in a side lying position on the bed. Because of the timing of when we came in, we got started with one nurse but the shift was about to change and then we would be getting a different one. After Greta’s heplock was started, and Bo was looking much better on the monitor, we started discussing going for a walk around the hallway. So I suggested she empty her bladder first. And when she got out of the bed, her water broke. This was shortly after 7 p.m (an hour after getting to the hospital for those not keeping track). She went to the bathroom and labored through some contractions on the toilet. We were about to head out to the halls when the nurse asked if she could check Greta first. She was now 9/100/-1!! Why yes, she went from 5cm to 9cm in an hour!
So we decided to stay in the room and asked for the squat bar. Which mom did not like very much, btw. In the meantime, she sat on the bed while leaning on the birth ball and was able to bear down as she felt the urge, but there was no pressure to push until she was ready. At about 7:30 she started some serious pushing (more than bearing down) and was making some great progress.
She really on pushed for about 10 minutes and his head was out. That’s when the real work began. That big boy was big and his shoulders were stuck (shoulder dystocia). The doctor was fantastic and remained calm (all the while leaning Greta back a bit from her semi sitting up position) and turned the baby a bit so that it could loosen his shoulder. Bo also had a Nukal cord so that caused a pause once he was out a bit more. Greta did a fantastic job and remained calm (externally) through the whole thing. Baby Bo was born weighing in at 9 lbs 13 oz’s!! Hello Hoss! He came out very bruised from his more than bumpy entrance but is perfectly pink now.
The thing I love about Greta is that she is a solid rock. Rock, I tell ya. Calm, collected and focused. And she has fun doing it. She is prepared for her births and knows what to expect and welcomes her contractions. I am always amazed at how this woman labors. She is awesome. A very strong woman. And the thing about her husband, Bob.. he is a great support that knows his wife and wants to encourage her, and make her laugh. They are an adorable couple and are a great compliment to each other. And their three boys: handsome.
Greta and Bob.. congrats and I look forward to #4 (if you wanted me there. no pressure), when Bob has been sworn in to a pact that if Greta has a girl, Bob will HAVE to cut the cord. I heard it, and about four other people in the room heard it too! 😉
You can read Greta’s version here.

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