"Over the phone" doula.

I think everyone knows that I am on a doula “sabbatical.” It’s hard for me to not be helping mommas on their very important day. But Isaac, and the rest of my family, deserve to have my full attention.

During my last trimester of pregnancy was when I officially said I would not be able to take more clients after Isaac got here, until he was weaned (whenever that may be.. sadly, most of mine stop at a year). Since that time, I have had to turn away at least 12 momma’s.
Not fun.
But I always tell them “should you need me for anything, please email me or call. I’ll be happy to help any way I can.”
Well, apparently that opens doors to continue doula-ing..even in a smaller sense. In the last few weeks i have been “called” on three different times to help a momma during her labor. It’s actually pretty funny how each opportunity presented itself. My favorite was with a first time momma. It was probably 2 a.m and i was up nursing Isaac. When i do “midnight” feedings I come out to the living room so I don’t wake up my hubby. I decided to hop on to Facebook. And checked this certain momma’s page to see if there were any updates (she was waiting for spontaneous labor and was past her due date). Lo and behold her status said something like “It appears labor has begun ..” and her post was about 5 minutes earlier from when I got online. So I wrote a comment “Awesome.. how exciting. Call me if you need me, Im up.” and I gave her my cell number. (it’s important to note that she was one of the momma’s that I had to “turn away”bc of the sabbatical). Well, not three minutes later my phone was buzzing. Ha!
To make a long story short.. I tried to help reassure her when to go to the hospital, later was able to suggest a position change when she had been in the water for about three hours with small cervical change. I suggested she get out of the water and walk the halls for 30 minutes. I think that actually helped speed up her labor and within the hour, when I called back to check on her, she was in transition. At that time, I could hear her on the phone (I was talking to a friend of ours this whole time who would relay what i said, to the mom and dad) and I could tell that momma was either not in a good position, or, at least not a helpful one. So that’s when I suggested another position (over the head of the bed while on the knees). Found out later that she handled that much better. Later she expressed her thanks for the help, even though I wasn’t actually at the birth. It truly was so much fun.
I had two more opportunities to help a laboring mom over the phone and have to say.. it is just as fun as being able to help “hands on.” Although, I prefer hands on. The whole time on the phone I just want to drop everything and head straight to the hospital to help that momma in person. But alas, I know now is not the time.
Soon enough it will be.
So please, if you are planning a pregnancy.. wait until, lets say.. after September of this year to get pregnant… then I can help you. And boy do I want to help!!!
**I do not, in any way think you should plan a pregnancy to coincide with my schedule. I am only joking. Please, no hate emails. thank you.**

2 thoughts on “"Over the phone" doula.

  1. I just happened to be reading over some of your past posts. I really enjoy reading about natural labor. It excites me. Anyways, I never saw this post until just now. Can I say again that you helped tremendously. Recommending walking the halls pushed me to dilate more. And that position where I was on my knees and grabbing the back of the bed was my rescue. It helped me focus the pain and survive. I was not prepared for transition, and it was overwhelmingly painful. BUT I loved every minute of it and fully intend on natural again. Thanks again for your wonderful help.


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