Blogging. What’s that?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to either my personal blog or my birth blog. What started out as a personal sabbatical turned into life, and lots of it.

It wasn’t until I was at a birth two days ago and one of the sweet nurses passed me in the hall and said, “Hey. I just subscribed to your blog,” that really made me say, “wow. Someone is actually reading it still?” Then I felt sad. Because I really do enjoy blogging. I just hadn’t put it at the top of the list of priorities. But now that my sabbatical has helped me learn some balancing in my life.. I feel as though I may be able to pick it up again.
As you have seen, there hasn’t been a birth story in a while on here. Although, I can assure you that I have been so several births since the last birth story post.
I got very overwhelmed with three births back to back that I was unable to catch up. It would have put me in the grave (or much worse, neglect my duties with homeschooling and home) to be able to whip those out. So in the future.. you may not see as many birth stories. Or at least not in the way they were written in the past. I know, bummer.
Well, I hope everyone is well!
Happy Birthing!