About Me

Image uploaded from iOS (8)If you are familiar with Myers Brigg (of which I am obsessed) I am an ESFP, which means I’m an extrovert who loves people and adventure! So being a doula is a great fit.  I had my first two children knowing more about the stroller than I did about birth or anything related to it. It wasn’t until my third pregnancy that I decided I’d like to do things a tad different. Of which I credit a dear friend who was “crazy” enough to convince me that I could.  I asked a friend if she’d be my doula and set out to have an unmedicated induction. My sweet daughter presented as an OP face presentation and was quite the introduction to unmedicated birth!  My fourth baby was my first spontaneous labor and it was amazing. I feel that having had two epidurals and two unmedicated births, I can offer some balanced insights on whatever your birth wishes are.

I never had intentions of being a doula. It happened by “accident.” Shortly after the birth of my daughter, a friend called to say that she was going to be induced and wanted to know if I had any tips on how to handle Pitocin while foregoing the epidural. Of course I did!  In fact, I offered to attend her birth to help encourage her as best I could if she wanted me to. Shortly after helping her I started getting emails from other friends wanting to know if I’d be willing to help them as well.  After about 12 births in 10 months, I figured it was time to get certified. I was trained and certified through DONA International shortly thereafter. And now it’s been 7 years and over 100 births and going strong. Halfway through I decided to pursue becoming a childbirth Educator as well and was trained with Lamaze.

What kind of doula am I? Well my goal is to help you feel empowered to make all the decisions necessary to see your goal accomplished.  I am not the “savior” of your birth. And I do not want to take away from the presence of your husband or partner. And while I have some dads who don’t even like to say “placenta” my hope is that you both will feel a deeper connection through this process. I want you to walk away from your birth thinking “I could not have done it without my husband (partner). And my doula was great too.” I am the quiet supporter in the room, offering suggestions to you and your spouse as you work together as a team.  And my passion is to work alongside your care provider as well. I am not in charge: you are!

I am very passionate about helping you understand the strength you have. I have long said that natural childbirth is 90% mental preparation and determination. And I would be honored to help encourage you in that process!

Hobbies: running, eating, triathlons, eating, baking, hiking, chasing children, more eating, being witty.