Childbirth Classes

Here is an outline of my six week childbirth education class. I have three class options to choose from:

  • 6 week class that meets once a week for two hours: $300 per couple
  • Private class, 6 hour class: $225
  • Refresher course before upcoming birth, 3-4 hour class: $175

$50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. Balance due at first class. (Get $50 off your doula services when you take one of my classes.)

You can pay with Cash, Check or through PayPal.

The six week course is as follows (with private/refresher courses with topics you choose):

Class 1:
*Lamaze approach to birth
*Anatomy/Physiology of pregnancy
*Emotional changes during pregnancy
*Nutrition during/after pregnancy, Comfort during pregnancy

Class 2:
*The importance of birth memories and satisfaction
*Addressing fears
*Confidence in your body, support, place of birth and care providors.

Class 3:
*Anatomy of labor: physical and emotional response
*Six ways to progress in labor
*Hormonal orchestration during labor/postpartum and its importance
*Pre-term labor

Class 4:
*1st stage of labor
*2nd stage of labor (pushing and birth)
*Physiological 3rd stage (anatomy and emotions)/Delivery of Placenta
*First hour after birth and its critical role for mom and baby

Class 5:
*Fear, tension, pain cycle
*Medical pain management of labor
*The role of pain
*comfort measures to decrease pain

Class 6:

*Unexpected outcomes
*Birth plan: do I need/want one?
*Breastfeeding 101
*Postpartum: support and planning
*Newborn behavior and expectations





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